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Huzzah!! IOF Is Back!

Hi hi!

So it's been a fun year. I started school, working on my bachelor's degree, and trying desperately to get back to creating new pieces and working on the comic. But now the semester has ended, and I'm putting more energy into the comic, but also the website and everything else IOF.

First, I want to point out the Patreon. I finally put together a Patreon page that I feel confident about. It's just a really nice introduction to my work and, hopefully, a place I can share more process and secret project stuff.

Second, the Twitch channel needs work. A lot of it. So I'll be putting more time and effort into that for right now. Since what I'm sharing on Twitch is mostly me talking and creating, I would love to get more viewers coming around and seeing it. I've gotten a schedule for going live (Saturdays at 1p) and I'm sticking with it really well :D

Third, IOF does have a YouTube channel, and I have in mind the kind of content I want to share there, but I don't want it to compete with, or take away from either the Patreon or my Twitch streams (unless edited content is better than my live stuff? Who knows). Right now, the stream VODs are collected there.

Fourth, my storytelling is taking center stage. While I'm making content for the YouTube page or sitting down for a stream on Twitch, I'll be working on stuff for the comic, and its supporting works. But especially the comic. I don't want to give away too much of what I have on the series, but I do want to say that I'm making progress with its production.

And fifth, where can I share images of my in progress stuff? Well, that's normally what the FaceBook page is for.

This time around, IOF is starting over, and I'm rebuilding the brand and creating work again. I want to do this right, and I don't want to be afraid of being successful at it. And that's pretty easy for me to do, so I'm working through it (gently).

So here's all the places you can find IOF. Stop by frequently, so you can see everything as it's being developed, and I'll see you around.

Take care!

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