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So there's never really enough news going on, mostly because we're still in "how does this work" phase, but also because I'm usually talking about things in other forums. But here, I want to share what those other forums are! (The titles are links, so clicky click!)


Yes, IOF is on Tumblr, officially now. I have a personal blog, and so it makes sense for IOF to have a presence there, as well. As I make new pieces, I do like to show them off in as many places as possible, and I dig Tumblr as a place to share art. The people who can be reached, the conversations that can be had, I really just love the energy there. I started it earlier this year and I've posted a few things.


Haha! So this is more my personal instagram, but I like sharing my work so much that every once in a while, I'll drop an image. They aren't groundbreaking at all, just the same stuff I share everywhere else. The only difference is more pictures of the cat, food, and other personal bits.


After every video I stream on Twitch, I upload directly to YouTube. I've actually considered going live on YouTube, and I may try that sometime. I just like having a video archive of all the PIB sessions, so it's cool for that. I am also considering some edited content specifically designed for YouTube, so that's in the concept stage as well.

The big push right now is to get this issue 1 completed by the end of the month. I've spent far too much time sitting around, looking at the pages, and I'm ready to get it done. I say this a lot, but I've got to get myself into the zone, and I'm not always there. I always mean it, too, but I just never actually want to sit down and do the thing. Sometimes, it is more satisfying to say that I'm working on something than to say I've finished it, because it means I get to hold onto the energy of being at work and not deal with the crash that comes from completion. This is probably why I keep giving myself things to work on. SO... yeah.

Let me go ahead and get to work.

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