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Cause For Celebration

Okay, so. IOF finally has a new logo. I'm really stoked about that, and I'm celebrating by updating the website entirely with new colors!

IOF 2019

What you're seeing here is a much cleaner look and a image drawn by me that reflects, I think, what IOF is all about and what it is that I do. It's kinda the first of new pieces that I want to show off.

Meanwhile, on Twitch (Wednesdays at 3p if I haven't told you yet), the first book is done with inks! Next come the colors. Since I'm only focusing on one class right now, I expect that I can finish the colors in a week. However, this one class I have left takes up a lot of my mental energy, and so that's why I do Wednesday streams. This way, I get work done, and you can see the book coming together!

The next steps in my publication adventure is the historic and futurist titles. I'm still plugging away on a story for both, but I should have something down soon.

So, that's it. Thanks for coming by the stream, and I hope that you'll catch me live soon! I think it's a fun time, anyway. If you don't know where I am on Twitch, look me up at and you'll find me!

See you soon!

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