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Promises, Promises

Here's some things I have said about my work that have not held true because of whatever reason:

1. "I found my disc of all my old art! Get ready for a walk down memory lane!"

2. "I'm going to finish this book this month!"

3. "I'm going back to this project, and I'll finish it this year!"

4. "I'll be live every week, at this time."

5. "I'll get on the colors tomorrow and I'll have something fun to show you next week!"

I'm holding myself accountable, but I'm also looking at these statements, wondering if I was just being too ambitious to deliver, considering all the other things I needed to get through this year. I returned to school to get my Bachelor's degree. I'm trying to learn piano. I'm trying to learn two other languages. I'm working on my driver's license. I joined a professional organization. I'm trying to start a business. I'm doing too damn much!

So in the spirit of being accountable, I'm going to be more realistic about my deliverables. There are a lot of things I want to do, but less that I reasonably can do with my current full-time work load and other things. One thing I can hold myself to is one day a week to stream and work on art, which is so fun and I want to build that up.

The dream? To be that work-from-home creative. But the road to get there is filled with so many other things I want to do. So one day a week is all I can give, really, to getting so much stuff done. At least right now. Maybe I'll take next summer off from school and dive deeper into IOF. I still want to have my first three issues ready to go by next spring, but will that happen? Only if I plan to do it, and stick to the plan. But, again, I need to be honest with myself about what I can actually accomplish with the time I have available.

What I'm saying is, thank you for being patient with me and at least coming by to see the stuff I'm working on, and celebrating these successes with me. It really means so much!


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