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2021 Ambitions

This week I decided to, once again, overload my ambitions meter with some actually kinda important projects. Let's talk about it.

Animation. I'm still mulling this over and what story I could tell through a 3-minute animated thing. I've had little practice in animation since I left school, so I'll need to basically start over in my practical education, but that's what good books and YouTube is for! No, I'm not doing a stick animation, although that would be a pretty simple start that maybe I could use as practice. But also, since I don't work digitally (like THAT), I'll have to really commit to it and I don't know if that's going to happen this year. But I can still plan it out for when I do have free-time!

Painted Novel. THIS is the project that I really want to do this year, after finishing up One Act (for 2021). The story is basically chosen, but my next step is storyboarding and scripting. This is going to be a big project and will not be released until 2022, but I will definitely start working on it this year. I can at least script some stuff and take notes on it while I'm doing school stuff this year, since I haven't set a full timeline. Though, I should refer to my planning and timeline post just to keep myself honest.

Webcomic. Okay so hear me out on this. I've said during a stream before that instead of tossing 4.99 and bits onto my stream for a sub, just buy my books. I stand by that controversial opinion not just because I will never see that 4.99 from you (you're really just giving money to Twitch), but also buying my work directly supports my work as a comics creator. To that end, I know that I don't have work priced at that level but I could. And it could be a digital-only series that would help me explore webcomic creation. Yes, I have a story in mind for this, so stay-tuned on how this will work and happen (when I have the time).

Folio. I want to make more standalone illustrations. Not just pieces for current projects, but just original art that can be framed, turned into prints and postcards, and just enjoyed for what it is and not for what it heralds. New stuff. The Folio page needs some new things happening there and I have a mighty need to play around with these watercolors for something other than comics making. Or maybe even exploring acrylics like I've been meaning to do for forever now. Maybe one piece per week (when I have time)?

Okay, somehow I'll figure these things out in the next few months how they'll happen. Somehow.

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