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2021 Production

Hi friends!

After a lot of thought, I think it makes sense for One Act to be a quarterly-published book. Considering my timing with school, work, and other planned commitments and projects, this makes the most sense. I'll be packing more work into each book and can spend more time with them to make sure they ship right and on time.

So here's how this year will pan out for One Act:

  1. One Act 1: The Nightmare Tree - March 2021

  2. One Act 2: Golden Apple - June 2021 (just in time for my birthday and queer pride month!)

  3. One Act 3: Black Opera - September 2021

  4. One Act 4: Heirloom - December 2021

This will also give me the chance to really get ahead of production the way I want to so that nothing is late, and I can tell the stories I want to, when I want to.

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