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And We're Off!

After a whole extra year of work, pauses, breakdowns, redos, and more pauses and breakdowns, One Act #2, The Golden Apple has FINALLY gone off to the printer!

Friends, I am so excited to finally close out that book for good and move on to the next project. It has truly been too long.

I'll update the shop to reflect that the book will be available for purchase in September instead of August. However, you can use the shop link to reserve your copy now, if you're so inclined, and I'll make sure it's marked for you when they arrive from the printer!

As for me? Well I'm taking about as long as a break as I can before going back to work on One Act #3. If you've been following along with the streams and Twitter, you'll know that I just recently picked up Clip Studio Paint (it's literally why there was no blog post last week) and I transferred all my files and workflow into that program. This includes One Act #3, and it was then I realized it needed a redraft.

With the way I work, I'll have to pay special attention to each page and its flow in the story, and almost all of the middle has to be gutted for the sake of a more gripping adventure. As always, I learn so much with each project done and how a story should be told, especially in the 15 pages I give myself, so it's natural for me to take an old project and redo it, or look more critically at a current project. The trick is doing all that critical stuff at the outset so I'm not setting myself back on a deadline!

Also, have you visited the IOF Patreon yet? There's a new story brewing, and a third tier arrived to coincide with its arrival! Some great benefits for Patrons include: three different stories to follow, monthly shop discount, Patron discord channel, and a monthly digital postcard? I don't know, I think these are some great rewards!

Anyway, I think Imma take the rest of this week off from working on stuff and just enjoy life for a bit before grad school starts. By that time, I should have an idea of the cover for this last Patreon series, which you should see before the month is out.

Take care, everyone!

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