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Another Year Closes and More Thoughts on the Future

Okay, now that I have the time and energy to think about my creative endeavors for a bit, I do have some thoughts.

I seem to keep wanting to "remake" my works, which tells me they were never quite right, to begin with. I just had a thought about The Nightmare Tree and how, now that I'm done school, I want to deliver the next book of One Act, and how it should be a longer story. Maybe this is how fantasy storytelling grows and evolves, or I'm just not singularly satisfied with the format of my stories, so I keep changing my mind and trying to revamp it in the middle of a plot run. But spending time on school was time enough away from creative work to think through them now. Here's what I got:

  1. Everything in color. 100%. I'll pay the cost for a good, full-color book.

  2. Not committed to everything digital just yet, but most things. I do both traditional and digital, and my work should reflect that breadth.

  3. The story is not done until it's done. If it takes 16 pages or it takes 32 pages, it needs to be complete, regardless of the original intended page-count.

  4. Don't be tied down by page count. Tell the story.

  5. Learn to do short-stories

  6. Remember that idea you had...

  7. Don't just talk about the idea, write it out. Brew it for a bit. Maybe it'll take a month. Maybe it'll take six. Don't rush it.

  8. Try the ideas out but don't break yourself trying

I'm having lots of thoughts about lots of things here, so I'm going to go have these thoughts away from the public eye. I t think that's what gets me into trouble, I think I'm going to do a thing and I do a piece of it and never finish it. The announcing of it feels good enough as telling the story and it's not satisfying because I want to enjoy the idea of the thing at the same time as I'm making it. That's not good.

So no, no announcements on work other than to say in January I'll have more time to invest in currently planned projects that may or may not change depending on what I and the story needs.

See you in January!!

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