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Burnout On Main

Can I share my current moment of artist vulnerability with you here? This will be short but I just want to say it out loud.

I want to make art, to finish this book, and revel in a newly completed project. But I am so tired of it right now. I want to finish it but I need to move on. There is nothing wrong with this book. It's literally everything I want to create right now. It is ALL IN on queer, black mysticism, which is my whole outlook on life. But I got to a point a couple of weeks ago where I'm just tired of it.

I want to create some smaller projects. Some non-comics projects. I want to really play around with what I can do with digital art. I want to do more writing on future projects, more planning on future projects. I want to paint again. I see now that there's only so much I can do in a day and that I still have to chip away at projects a little a time, but like... I need something new right now.

You see, I have all these other projects I want to get into, all these other ideas and fun experiments to try out and I feel I'm so tied down to finishing this one. I think it's the cause of my constant break-taking and why I will go weeks without doing anything for it. Like this week.

So, I'm going to free myself from this project right now. Allow myself to really enjoy the day off I gave myself away from this book. Go jump into that other project I want to do, and come back to Book Of Fate fresh. It's too important a story for me to torture myself about and I love it too much to be annoyed by it.

See? Told you it'd be short.

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