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Day 2 of the Adventure

I love it when I can reach a certain point in a project and realize that it's already behind schedule. Seriously, one day I'll get this right. Let's dig in.

  • Today was layout day! After I completed the last few pages of the script from the previous day, which took an hour or more. I'm looking back at my statement yesterday and saying, yes, I'll need about three days total to finish one script. Not even a "right now" but in general, for future reference, forever and ever. At least three days. Two days for a rough draft, a final day for editing. I never want to go into another comic without a completed script (with dialogue!!).

  • I'm too ambitious for my own good. This book was supposed to be 56 pages. How will 56 pages happen in a week? That's a very good question. At least the book will be in black and white, that will save me from having to obsess about colors. But those are tones of black and white so... But seriously, 56 pages in 7 days? I'll keep pushing along on this project, but I'm doubtful it'll come together that fast.

  • I finished my allotted work time, eight hours, having only done the first chapter. Well, I can't say "only" because I also edited my layout template in Photoshop, so now I can make any configuration of rectangular panels that my stories will call for. That's a big something because it'll set me up for all my future projects.

  • Once again my editing mind slowed me down, this time while working through both the last pages of the script and the first pages of layouts. It wasn't so bad with the layouts but what I need to do is get as much detail down in as little time as possible. The layouts aren't meant to be final pages, but they should illustrate what will happen on the page much better than they do.

  • I have a vision for the cover! It's in my layouts, so that's pretty excellent. It'll have to get completed along with the rest of the pages. However, it will be in full color so I'll need to make sure I've carved out the right amount of time to give it the attention it needs.

If anything, the most significant thing I'm learning is how to produce a quality book. That comes with the right amount of time. Today's big lesson: at least two days for layouts and page designs after the script is done.

That's it for now! See y'all tomorrow for Day 3.

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