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End of Day 1

Today I started a seven-day comic challenge. Here's what I learned so far:

Planning: I need to plan my books out more often! Knowing how many pages upfront, having all my materials gathered and at hand, and scripting and layouts was a wild ride. Because of the challenge, I could only get a day to build the story right and get everything together. I was still slow to move, but at least I know where I could move faster and more boldly into the work.

Speaking of bold, I wrote more than 40 pages today but didn't finish. It started with plotting out the story overall, then broke it down to chapters, then into each page. Having only one day to do it (approximately eight hours, but I really had all day) meant I had to just write the pages as they came to me and let them happen with no editing. Except I did have to edit in places because the story definitely started running away with itself right out of the lane I wanted to keep it in.

I didn't finish the draft today, which means I have to do it tomorrow, along with my layouts. But this second draft MUST get done tomorrow, regardless, before I can even start drawing. For now, I'm done with writing for the day.

Here are some other things I've learned:

  • Writing takes time. Give yourself a couple of days to get the first draft done

  • Don't make a day 0. Sure it sounds like a thing, but work starts on day 1, not 0.

  • Don't do more than eight hours where you can help it. Going longer only means more of your day is taken up doing work

  • Take a long lunch break. You're allowed.

That's it for today! I know my plan for tomorrow, so with enough rest, I'll be ready to go!

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