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First Development Post

I've been saying to anyone who would listen that 2021 was about to be a very busy year before it's even happened. I just looked over at the pile of work I have ahead of me, and decided now was the perfect time to start sorting stuff. Y'all, I'm already tired of everything I have planned and I want a do-over! Well maybe not a do-over, but I need to break up some of these epic projects of mine because they aren't getting me anywhere as they are.

The first project I was working on was a big book featuring a cast of characters meant to all be together for one issue then go their separate ways at the end to run their own titles. Like, what? Do you know how much work it is to make one comic book every month, and here I want to do three?? Clearly a little ambitious with no time to be. I'm scrapping that project and going back to what it was before: one character, doing his thing for twelve issues, then jumping into other adventures afterward. That project is The Astrologer's Cycle, as it should be. Those other characters will make appearances in his later adventures, but definitely not concurrently. I'm sad that I put so much energy into that project, but I think I set it aside even then knowing that it wasn't going anywhere and I needed to think about it. I think this will be better for both it and myself.

Next, is the project I'm affectionately calling Espermarch. I NEED this to be a storybook fantasy. Like, traditional medieval-esque fantasy, tropes and all. I'm looking to evoke that feeling of weekend D&D sessions, or some kind of epic fantasy yarn; nothing high-brained. Maybe it'll be a quest series, like Hercules or Xena? Oooh yes, that'd be so cool! I'll need to do more concept work on this if it's going to happen the way I'm envisioning it here.

Everything else? I need to think it through. Prism is like three stories trying to happen, and Gift Of Doom is connected to that one and honestly? I just want something entirely different and everything is so much.

Okay, rattling over. It's almost midnight, meaning I should have been in bed hours ago.

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