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Happy 2024 (A month late)

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Hi Friends! Happy New Year!

To catch you up, I happily and successfully completed my Master's degree, and am living life with ample free-time in the evenings just working, while maintaining a wonderfully fulfilling WFH 9-5. It's bliss.

That said, I'm getting back to comics work this year with an announcement that all pages for Blackbirds #1 are finished and being uploaded to the site. Starting next week, weekly page updates will resume.

The other four stories are on slow-development right now until they're complete. I currently do not have a full ETA on when those pages will resume updates, but it will be this year. Stay tuned.

You'll notice that the webstore is down. This is by design. While I was in school, trying to send out an order for books was not sustainable with everything else on my plate, so I closed up the shop for good. For now. If it does come back, it'll be when I have the time and energy to manage it the way I want to and can smooth out the operations side. When that day comes (I would like it to), I'll send out a little note on Social Media and post a message here.

For the rest of the year, you can count on regular updates to Blackbirds. It's the book I wanted to work on and get out to you the most, so I hope you enjoy it. The others WILL return, and that's a promise from me to you. The trick is making sure that I can put the time in on their development in the next couple of months in a way that doesn't leave me bereft of mental capacity for myself and my partner. I can do anything, but I'd like to keep that within reason.

Finally, yes! Streams have returned! Catch me on Saturdays and Sundays from 4p-8p EST. Working on pages, of course! Maybe other things but for now I'm settling back into the groove of a semi-kinda regular streaming schedule.

If anything, Discord gets regular updates on schedule stuff, so if you're not there no worries. I know we're all in way too many Discord servers as it is. But if you ever feel like swinging by and hanging out, here is a link, specially made for you. Enjoy.

That's all! Gotta get back to work, plugging away on Blackbirds issue 2. See you around!


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