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Introducing the IOF Patreon!

It's time! On today's stream I announced the unveiling of the IOF Patreon page and its current Patron rewards

All patrons gain access to the IOF Discord, but also their own special channel. All patrons also gain access to full, completed page art from patron-only comics. Suns get Book Of Fates as their exclusive, and Moons get Black Mercury as their exclusive IN ADDITION TO Book Of Fates. Moons also get 10% in the IOF shop from now until they decide they no longer want to be Patrons. The pricing for patrons breaks down to a similar cost as Twitch subs: $5 for T1, and $10 for T2. All patrons and subs gain access to the Subscriber discord channel since all are contributing the same amount to IOF to keep it going.

Now, onto our exclusive comics!

Book Of Fates is back, y'all! When I stopped development on it, I was on the flats stage. So pretty close to completing it! But I wasn't able to really decide on how it would be published. Originally, it was intended to be a webcomic but I kept waffling on that idea until everything I was doing became too big to think about. So I shelved the whole project to focus on more realistic deliverables. Finally, it's time has arrived. So after my announcement on stream about Patreon, I set to work on finishing the cover art. Looks good after all that time away from it! I got up to rendering and establishing shadows and my plans, but the next time I get into it will be flatting. Still have to design that title logo and it'll be good to post to Patreon!

Black Mercury? What is THAT? Remember a while ago I was talking about an evil campaign? Yeah, that's Black Mercury. Murderous sorcery and dark schemes, all for power. This is the second Patron-exclusive series, available just for Moons. It's a new thing. BRAND new: new characters, new timeline, new culture, new angle. And Patrons get to see it unfold for them, week after week alongside Book Of Fates. I really hope y'all enjoy it (if you become a patron, otherwise it'll be there when you're ready).

And when both stories are done, they'll land right in the IOF shop!

So this is where we are on this fabulous Tuesday. Definitely go check out the IOF Patreon (click the Patron image up there). You can expect Patreon to be updated about once a week. For now, I'll keep plugging away One Act #3 and finishing up this cover and pages for Book of Fates and Black Mercury. Look forward to September y'all!

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