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IOF Launches Webcomic Series

The sage head logo of Illustrator Of Fantasies.

On Wednesday, June 21st, Illustrator Of Fantasies' first webcomic serials will go live on the IOF website. An ambitious collection of four serials will be posted in full-page weekly installments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each series has its own page on the website where it can be read, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully into a series of their choosing and to the exclusivity of the others. Over time, as the stories progress, those pages will come to hold official art and designs related to each story, allowing readers to more fully step into each unique world.

The four stories are Blackbirds, Hedge Kingdom, Dragoon, and Black Mercury. While the stories are loosely tied together in a separate narrative, they are their own telling with their own characters, plots, and on their own worlds, and do not need to be read together to follow along. In fact, only through the shared narrative, currently under development and early-planning, will readers gain insight on the connections between the worlds.

The first scenes of each story, each the first six pages of each run, will be available free to read to all visitors of the IOF website, and will serve as the proper onboarding point for new readers. After the first scene is completed, future updates will only be available to series subscribers at a rate of $2 per month. Given an update cadence of one page every week, that is 50-cents per week, and that subscription can be cancelled at any time. There will be no Patreon or other platform posts of comics pages at this time.

On Wednesday night at 7p EST, Celestian will live-stream the page reveals of the serials, and work on related art for each one that will make their way into each story's IOF gallery on the website. There is also a printed edition of each story planned for 2024 summer release that will cover the first three chapters of each story.

To stay up-to-date on moment-to-moment serial development, please continue to follow Celestian and IOF on social media, Twitch, and also Discord!


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