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Mid September Happenings

So, I suddenly have a lot more free time on my hands, at least for the next couple of weeks. My partner and I recently tested positive for COVID. We are both vaccinated, but obviously, we both need to be home and away from other people in the interests of their safety. I've partnered with my boss and assistant on stuff at work, and he's done the same. All that's really on my plate right now is classwork and comics work. So let's talk comics work.

If you've seen the tweets, you know I've been working steadily on redrawing The Golden Apple, and learning some coloring techniques so I can do it right and finally publish it. That project is still continuing, and I love the work that's happening in it! The characters look amazing, and I'll feel really good with the colors when I get to that point.

Book Of Fate is still happening, and what I'm learning right now with The Golden Apple will definitely influence how it turns out. I'm still working through the clean line-art of that one, too. Hopefully, both books will be printed and in the store before the year is out. I'm thinking early November because of all the other stuff on my plate.

I'm also taking some first steps in learning animation! I'm using Adobe Animate since I already have Adobe CC, so it's just more accessible. I'm not looking to have anything really to show-worthy until next year, but I'll be posting stuff on socials and in Discord as I learn things. Right now, I'm just playing with a bouncing ball. It's fun.

Next year's first release really needs to be Night's Name #1, but I'm still piecing out how that's going to go. As you should know, it's the follow-up to The Night Is Our Victory, but is still missing a script. I'm trying not to worry about it too much, because it'll get released when it's ready. But I also have One Act #3 to get out, and The Astrologer's Cycle #1. No, I don't know where I'll find the time because I always do this to myself, but this brings me to my next point.

I mentioned on stream that I want to spend the next three years moving to being a full-time professional artist. I honestly don't know what that entails because there's the business side of that and the creative side that I'll have to figure out. But starting next year I want to start piecing together that plan and laying some foundation. Everything I'm doing now is a part of that: comics, animation, fantasy literature, and maybe even a game system based on this world I'm creating. There's a lot on my mind that I'm trying to keep organized so I don't overload myself with ideas so that's why the wait until next year to plan and move forward.

For now, I can get some ideas down of what I want to do, and plot some points to see what could work and what I should leave alone if I can't get it to what I want to be. I've learned my lesson from last time about moving too fast because things don't always work that way. I don't want to take on all this extra developmental stuff if I can't actually get it to go together, and there are a lot of things I'm interested in. But again, just trying to see what works.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

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