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Night's Victory Gets Web Republish on March 4th!

TNIOV cover page

On Monday, March 4th, The Night Is Our Victory, the first ever title published by IOF, will join Blackbirds, Hedge Kingdom, Dragoon, and Black Mercury as a web release!

As the first IOF title, The Night Is Our Victory was only available as a print edition. But as IOF transitions to web-centered content, it will become the studio's fifth webcomic title. At 16 two-page images, TNIOV will have a short run but will receive regular weekly updates.

The Night Is Our Victory is the origin story of the lineages that became the ternathe, a culture of people known for their night-dark skin and rich, magical traditions. As an origin story, TNIOV will set the stage for its ever-developing follow-up series, Night's Name.

Originally released as a one-shot fantasy comic, The Night Is Our Victory is composed of 16 fully-painted gouache images on 300gsm watercolor paper. These original paintings are narrative illustrations that were the second imagining of an original story by Celestian Brightmoon first published in 2014 by the same name, and was IOF's original launch title. These images expanded that original story when published as the 2nd Edition of The Night Is Our Victory in 2020, and laid the groundwork for new narratives in their world!

The Night Is Our Victory will post its first page on Monday March 4th at 1pm EST, alongside Blackbirds page 21.


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