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One Act: The Nightmare Tree

The Nightmare Tree is the story of a family who learn about the magic of their ancestral line when a child unknowingly ingests a magical poison. The child's grandfather contends with their ancestors and trades his life for his grandson, which also begins the restoration of their family's magic.

So long ago, magic faded away and the ternathe people remembered it only in stories of their family or in the folk-tellings of myths and song. But now, in the modern world, people are encountering its power again in their dreams and waking world experiences. One Act is a 12-part limited series that follows some of these stories.

But where did the magic go? And why is it coming back now, and in such a powerful way?

The first issue of One Act will be available in March 2021. Priced at $5.75, It is 15 full-color, handpainted pages of art, within a bi-fold cover. One Act is the first limited series by IOF.

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