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One Act Update

So let me get this out while I'm thinking about it!

Golden Apple is the story of an adventurer giving her lover a literal golden apple as an engagement gift. It's literally a romantic "Will you marry me" gesture. The twist? Her lover has one for her, too.

I was struggling with this story because... I tend to edit ideas as they come and move on them until I know where they're going. I figured this one out. My original idea for this story was very different.

So the two are walking down a city street, holding hands and talking to each other when the one gets the idea to pick an apple from a tree. As she reaches for it, the scene changes to her now having to convince a nymph to let her take the apple and give it to the woman she loves. After some time arguing, the nymph agrees and our hero returns to her partner to give her the apple, now golden, only to have her partner give one back.

This is the story that I want to stick with. Again, it needs to be 15 pages but, more than that, it needs to have some type of real adventure and conflict here. Some real challenge to the character so she's not just "locked in her own thoughts" or frozen in some dream sequence. It needs to be clear to the audience why she's doing what she's doing, even if it's not clear to her at the outset.

All in 15 pages.

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