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Quick Announcement

Hi everyone! I wanted to make some pretty quick announcements of big stuff happening:

  1. Patreon is coming back! I'm re-tooling the IOF Patreon page, and planning for an "opening" sometime in July. For now, I'm just happy that I've figured out what I will offer there and can have it going!

  2. Blackbirds #1 is POSTPONED until further notice. I start graduate school in August, and I don't expect to have a lot of time between work and class to develop it properly. I recognize that I'm doing too much but I don't want to give up on school just yet.

  3. However, with Blackbirds #1 being postponed, I will spend the next however long working on the preview book, Moons. I'll actually start that (pretty slowly, I'll add) for August streams, knowing it won't come out for a while. This way, I'm giving myself PLENTY of time.

  4. One Act #2 is coming in August!! That's right, just one month away from a new book and I'm all the excitement! To celebrate, there will be 10% off every copy of One Act #2 for the whole month of August with code LAUNCHDAY. I can't wait to get it in your hands.

  5. With Patreon going live this month, and classes starting next month, Twitch streams may be a little sporadic. Your patience and grace are HIGHLY appreciated. But also, I'll have some smaller projects that I can work on that may end up being Patreon exclusives, or only released to non-patrons after

  6. Sourcing new items for the IOF store! It's been sitting with the same couple of items for too long. More details to come!!

Okay! Those are my announcements. Until next time!!

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