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So This Is Late...

And I'm sorry. There really isn't any news to give you other than what you may have seen on Twitter, where I do post regularly, but here's a run-down:

The Book Of Fates (or whatever I was calling it) has been canned until further notice. It was fun to work on, especially considering how far I got, but I want to focus on projects I'm excited about and not their pre-cursor events, and that's what that was. It didn't even fit the story I wanted to tell, so I felt it best to let it go.

Black History Month, which is where we are right now, is in full swing and I am one of 1300 black streamers on Twitch who is getting a moment to shine on Twitch's front page! It's super cool, and I'm honored to participate. What it means is that at any time during the month of February, when I'm live on Twitch, the stream may appear on the Black Brilliance shelf on Twitch's front page. So I'm back to my normal schedule and trying to figure out where I can add another day, likely in the early evening, to go live to take advantage of it. It may just be me going live at the normal time with nothing else added, and that's fine. But I love that I can be a part of it.

January overall was really about recuperating and so I was barely around and doing anything. Even during my week-long vacation for graduation, I got nothing done. But now that it's February, I'm making great headway in a current project, Blackbirds, which is THE project I've been trying to do for years and holding myself back from because I didn't think I was ready. Y'all, I think I'm ready! Issue 1 won't be out for a good long while, but it gives me time to build the world, get some fresh art and stories made up, get an issue head-start and pipeline going, and maybe come back to pre-cursor projects to see if they can be salvaged. But right now? This month? It's all about telling the story I've been itching to tell for a while. This is what real bliss is.

This year also means I have the energy to go live, and working some new stories and making new art, and all that good stuff. I'm stepping away from making promises about my productivity because I simply don't know what I'm going to feel like doing, but I'll keep regular updates close to Twitter and save the blog for the big stuff (like where I've been for a month and a half, and new project announcements).

So yes, I'm here and working. Thank you for still being here, too. :)

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