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The Night Is Our Victory

Finally! After so many years of trying to make it happen, The Night Is Our Victory finally has the remake I have been wanting to do. I spent all of October, and a good portion of September and November, working on it and it's finally been sent off to the printer!

A couple notes for anyone interested in purchasing a copy:

  1. The book ships out starting in December. That's when I get it from the printer, and that's when I can start fulfilling orders. You can order it now, but it will take a few weeks for it to arrive. Please be patient with me.

  2. The book is $7.50. Shipping and sales tax are additional. Please be kind in your reviews, I'm an indy publisher just doing my thing and I appreciate your kind custom.

Anything else I'm just taking it as it comes, so if you have any questions, use the Contacts page to reach out to me, or even the IOF page on Facebook. Please do not hound me on Twitch or my socials about your order, those are not the forums for that. Indy publisher as I am, those are still very much my personal socials with IOF work sprinkled in.

Speaking of Twitch, big recognition to everyone who came by to hang out with me on stream while I worked on pages, and who said really wonderful things about my work! I'll be doing more of that once I get my school schedule under control. I do have a new book in the works that I'm hoping will be ready to go in January, so stay tuned! Also, I'm still uploading the VODs from that month so have mercy >.>

Also thank you to the Waffle Squad, my Twitch family, for the love, support, patience, kindness, shout-outs, and everything else you've done for me. Y'all are the best!

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