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The White Room Community Forum

Since we're all about socially connecting with each other, I want to support that connection for everyone who hangs out with me on Twitch by putting up a Community Forum on the IOF site. The service I use lets me build up a Member's Only forum, so that's what I'll be doing for the next month or so (until it's ready).

This Member's Only forum will get linked directly from the White Room page link. The page it currently is will likely return as its own space called Folio. There has to be a readily accessible page of completed original art to share with site visitors and potential art clients.

The new forum will grow organically according to use. If the community would like to see dedicated categories for sharing their own works with each other, then that's what will happen. Want a dedicated space to talk about your favorite animated films and shows? I may want this, too, because I have LOTS of thoughts and opinions about some stuff, so yes that can also be added.

The general rules of the community will abide in the White Room: friendly, respectful, honorable, safe for all members.

Invitations to join the White Room will go out to some close friends, as well as everyone who has purchased a copy of The Night Is Our Victory, once the forum is complete. Y'all were the first, so it's only fitting you get a welcome invitation to form the foundation of the community.

Thanks, everyone! And a happy new year!!

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