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Welcome Back, June!

So it's Pride Month again and I think I want to go easier on myself this year than I did last year. Last year, I went live every day on Twitch for the whole month to draw up some queer-themed art. I could do that again, or I could focus on getting my current projects done and ready for print.

Colors for The Golden Apple will be done this week, and I expect the whole book will be scanned, lettered, and ready for the printer. Provided I keep up my current momentum. I have a tendency to plan out these productivity pushes that fizzle out fast, but I've set myself up pretty nicely yesterday and I think I can get it all done this week.

I'm also starting to lay down a script (yes, an actual written script) for The Black Opera, which I really want to spend the rest of June working on so that it's ready on time. I've got an idea in mind for getting through the layout of the book that I hope will carry over into my other projects. Thankfully, since One Act is only published once a season, I have some time before it becomes critical for me to get on it. This could free up my June to do some daily queer pride art streams if I wanted to. Maybe.

I'm actually going easier on myself than I have in past years, as I observe my own levels of productivity and energy, and just giving myself the dedicated time to create. The new stories I'm writing can actually come together a little more cohesively with planning than they did with me haphazardly putting something together because I promised myself I would. Just because I can make a comic in a week, doesn't mean I should do that all the time. Given the number of projects I want to do, I absolutely should not try to "last-minute" a 30-page story in a month because of my ambitions. However, it would make a fun challenge. No, no I don't need anymore bad ideas! Although...

Anyway, it's Pride Month again, and I have one book to finish and another to start. The painted novel is in the scripting phase, as well, despite it not being published for a while, I'm revisiting another early project and... honestly? Maybe I owe myself an art book this year. Actually yes. I know I do. These are June projects and I'm eager to get started, but let's just hope that I have the mental fortitude to get through it.

Also! Did you know I turn 37 this month? I want to take the week off and go visit family back in Philly, so we'll see how that fits in my plans...

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