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What's the deal with deadlines, anyway?

I did it! The cover to The Nightmare Tree is all done! I left all the good mistakes in it to show how #indie I am, but this is what today's stream yielded.

I've also missed that initial deadline. This book, as The Night Is Our Victory before it, will not be out at its original time. So I'm pushing it out to March.

I've disappointed myself here because I really REALLY wanted this book out in February. I'm going to still hustle on it just in case I get lucky and actually can get it there on time, but honestly? Let's be real and just say this book will be ready when it's ready. Which I'm hoping is in March because I really don't want to push this book too far off for release.

Other than missing a deadline, I actually feel really good about the art. I mean look at it! This is some of my best work (my indiscretion with a straight-edge and a brush full of ink, and a couple of unfortunate ink-tastrophes notwithstanding) to date, and I'm proud of what I've done and how it looks.

Though the book will be late, I hope everyone will still be interested when it's ready for that release. Nothing's worse than hyping someone up for something and then having to push it off for longer than expected. I'll get better at deadlines this year, once I start setting some real goals. Since everything else is currently in pre-production, when this finally goes to the printer this month, I should be in a good place to start production on the next in line.

Also announced today on stream was the second title in the One Act series: Golden Apple.

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