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Wow, A Whole Month?!

It is 4:24 am. I can not sleep, so I decided to get out of bed to see how much work I have ahead of me to complete a book that is a whole month behind schedule. In my defense, it's because of school.

I'm in the final year of my degree and my accounting class is giving me all the business, meaning it's gotten all of my attention just to keep my grade up. This basically means I'm not balancing right and letting myself move on to other projects because I'm too focused on this one class. But anyway.

So let's see where we are with The Golden Apple. I know the cover is half done... Did I mention I'm a month behind schedule on this? Yeah, I did. It's actually okay that I'm giving myself another month to get through this book, but the problem is that I haven't used that time for it at all. See my note about my class.

Okay, I see what I was trying to do. I was trying to really get in on my pencils and lay down the right amount of detail so that when I ink (should be this week) everything is where it should be. I've only gotten five pages of pencils sketched. No details, just sketches. This is not good. The sketches just provide placement of figures and features, but no real information.

I want to finish this book this month. It MUST go to print at the start of May in order to be on time. It is now mid-March, and I'm a week away from ending my accounting class, meaning I should be able to return my focus back to this book, and the one that comes after it.

I'm sorry y'all. I'll get it together, I promise.

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