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Blackbirds resumes weekly updates starting Monday, February 5th!

Father Mordana

Starting tomorrow, Blackbirds resume weekly page updates at 1p EST with page 18 and will continue as normal up to page 32. All pages of Blackbirds #1 are free to read online.

I am so excited to share the rest of these completed pages and move forward with this opening arc, culminating with issue 3. While I continue production on issue 2 the rest of this month, it was absolutely imperative that I get back to normal page updates immediately so that it didn't look like the story just dropped because of my hectic class schedule. Issue 3 production will start in March.

Full creative work for Blackbirds, Hedge Kingdom, Dragoon, and Black Mercury will also resume this month. The scripts of the three-issue opening arcs this month for these four will be completed this month, with layouts and drawing work to start in March. March will also be the development month for the third issue of Blackbirds. Blackbirds will not be on-hold while the others are in production, as it is the priority title for IOF.

See you tomorrow with the first update to Blackbirds in 2024!


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