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Cleaning Up The Channel

Hi Friends! At the start of Sunday night's stream, I mentioned (while muted) that I was cleaning up the IOF channel on Twitch, and making some other content changes. Here are the highlights of the changes I'm making:

IOF Twitch panels


The panels on the IOF channel are all cleaned up, and so are the VODs. I've already taken down VODs from Pencil, Ink, & Brush, as well as anything relating to One Act. If it's not part of the current series of stuff I'm working on, or something I want to keep track of, it came down. What exists now in those panels is a tile for The Night Is Our Victory, and a panel that links to the Blackbirds webcomic here, plus the updated schedule.


I am constantly working on improvements to the stream, including channel points, emotes, timers, commands, and so on. This is a constant work-in-progress, but one noteworthy addition that will be added is Time Warp! I've been wanting to revisit old characters of mine and revamp them. But I thought it'd be cool if Friends hanging out in chat had some control over whether or not that happens (after all, I'm working on current stuff). Use !warp to trigger the alert and I'll start a new piece with an old character for the next 30 minutes. The global cooldown on this is 60 minutes since I want to get back to work on current stuff. But it's a nice diversion!


Sunday nights are game nights for IOF on Twitch! We're starting with Final Fantasy II and I'm really enjoying that as a relaxing night kind of thing, so I'll keep that up until the end of the game. The VODs of this will remain, only because I think it's cool to have that adventure memorialized. I would actually like to get through all the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games on Sunday nights, so I hope you'll hang out for those! On Saturdays will be the big comics content check-in date. Come hang out to see the work coming together. I'm also considering a schedule change to add days in! Streaming has been kinda fun lately and I want to do more of it where I can. Uh.. stay tuned for this though.


I'm looking at March with some content expansion in mind. Most noteworthy is moving The Night Is Our Victory into webcomic format, just like Blackbirds. The webcomic posts will be the primary way of showcasing published work, and that's going forward. With TNIOV moving to web format (starting March week 1), it will join Blackbirds for a Monday at 1p EST publish page release until that story is done.

Okay! That's everything from me right now!


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